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Firm Overview

Our practice is devoted exclusively to family law matters, enabling us to provide the highest level of skill and attention to our clients. Kelly Snodgrass and her staff are skilled not only in evaluating your case and helping you prepare, but in understanding what you are going through emotionally, financially, and logistically. We treat our clients as a whole person, not just their legal issues, and focus on reducing conflict, protecting assets, and valuing children’s needs. Whether you are facing divorce, child custody issues, parenting time disputes, asset valuation needs, child support modifications, maintenance establishment, maintenance modification, common law marriage issues, division of property, or any other number of related issues, we can help.

Kelly Snodgrass is a strong and skilled litigator, having practiced for well over a decade. Her diverse background and professional experience provide her with the skills and experience to adapt to a variety of client needs. We pride ourselves on being a fully custom firm and take the time with each client to customize our services to your needs and develop a strategy and financial plan to accommodate your goals.

Representation Options

At Snodgrass Family Law, we recognize the need for a variety of representation options at a variety of price points.

That is why we offer:

  • Full Representation

  • ​Flat Fee Uncontested

  • Divorce Unbundled

  • Customized Consulting Options

Whether you want to navigate your case on your own but would like to have an attorney on hand to answer questions, need help drafting or reviewing documents and agreements, or want us to fully manage your case, we can help.