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Out of State Issues in Divorce

Often times, I come across parties who have relationships that are not entirely contained within Colorado. It may be that they own property out of state or that spouses live out of state, either partially or full-time. There are important jurisdictional implications when dealing with people and property that is not located within Colorado.

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New Colorado Maintenance Guidelines

Colorado instituted a new guideline formula for determining maintenance (spousal support/alimony). Behind the maintenance guideline was the Legislatures’ realization that, a person’s maintenance award could suffer great variance based solely on what county they were in, what judge they had, or what lawyer they had.

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Considering Social Security Benefits in Divorce: You Are Never Too Young!

Many People going through divorce in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s, do not consider what their access to social security benefits may be later in life due to the divorce. The good news is, if you were married for ten years or longer, you may be entitled to benefits based on your ex-spouse’s social security retirement benefit.

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Maintenance and the New Tax Laws

There are a lot of big changes with the new tax law, and divorcing couples are not insulated from them. For couples entering into agreements that include maintenance payments as of January 1, 2019 or later, the tax treatment of maintenance (formerly known as alimony) changes significantly.

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