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Dealing with complicated family legal issues can be emotional and stressful for everyone involved. In these difficult times, turning to an experienced family law firm is your best option. At Snodgrass Family Law, our experienced team is ready to provide you and your family with the trusted guidance or mediation services you need to pursue positive solutions to big challenges like divorce, child custody, and more. Take the first step by getting in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

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Kelly L. Snodgrass

Attorney at Law

Possessing a psychology degree and a background in child advocacy and social work, attorney Kelly L. Snodgrass started her own private law firm to provide focused legal counsel to individuals and families facing some of the most trying and difficult times of their lives. In all aspects of family law, Kelly has the experience and insight to explain the available options and help you determine a course of action that will position you to pursue a positive outcome, allowing you and your family to move forward to a better future. If you are in need of family law representation or mediation services in Golden, Arvada, Littleton, or the greater Denver area, contact Kelly and the team of Snodgrass Family Law at one of their two office locations in Lakewood and Frisco, Colorado today!

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Knowledgeable Guidance

Having an experienced family law attorney on your side in the middle of a divorce, child custody dispute, or another serious family legal matter can make a big difference in the outcome. At Snodgrass Family Law, you can feel confident that your best interest is the priority as we work with you to learn the details of your situation and pursue the most favorable outcome available to you.

Compassionate Counsel

Every legal situation is different. Sometimes solutions can be found through mediation and avoiding a lengthy and contentious battle, and other times heading into a courtroom may be the right path to take. We will be with you step by step throughout the process to listen to your input, answer your questions, and help you understand everything that is taking place.

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Experienced Service

The team at our firm has an extensive background in helping families seek fair and satisfying results to complex issues.


Personalized Approach

We know that no two clients or situations are exactly alike and we will work with you to develop strategies that are suited to you.


Creative Solutions

From representation in complicated litigation to mediation services, our goal is to help you move toward a result you want.

Helping You & Your Family Move Toward a Better Tomorrow

Being confronted with difficult family situations is often unexpected and isn't something anyone looks forward to. A marriage ending in divorce, a child custody dispute, division of property, child support modifications, marital agreements, appeals of prior judgments, protection orders, and other complex matters can cause tremendous emotional stress and frustration. In these trying times, your best choice is to turn to an experienced family law attorney for the knowledgeable direction you need to seek a solution.

At Snodgrass Family Law, we have been helping families navigate times of transition and uncertainty for years. Attorney Kelly Snodgrass has an understanding of all aspects of family law and can guide you and your family through the legal process with the goal of reaching the next chapter in your life. Whether your situation requires litigation or mediation services, Kelly and her team will be in your corner as you pursue an outcome that is tailored to meet your needs and hopes for the future.

No one enters into a marriage with the expectation it will fail. If you have found yourself in a situation where your marriage is coming to an end, our team at Snodgrass Family Law can provide the legal representation you need in divorce or legal separation. When there are children involved, special care needs to be taken to prioritize their best interests. From child custody & support matters to asset valuation and division of property, you can trust us to stand up for you and help you seek a result that works for you.

You can have confidence and peace of mind even in the midst of the most complicated and contentious family issues when you work with a skilled attorney. Let us guide you through the process by learning the specifics of your situation and helping you pursue a satisfying resolution. Experienced legal representation may only be a phone call away. If you live in Littleton, Arvada, Golden, or the greater Denver area, call the legal professionals of Snodgrass Family Law in Lakewood and in Frisco, CO today to get the help you need!